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Soul Circus Cowboys


Soul Circus Cowboys
Soul Circus Cowboys



Formed in 2009, Soul Circus Cowboys, a Southern Rock band with a unique blend of sunshine, celebration, and soul in their music, has been taking the music industry by storm. Their music drips of lived experiences that derive from an eclectic array of musical tastes, influences, and styles. Today, with a vision revolving around larger than life performances and gasoline drenched Southern Country Rock, the band is currently collaborating with producer and Grammy award-winning songwriter Frank Myers. Staying true to their roots they write music about real life experiences that lead you on a musical journey through lyrical storytelling. Their overwhelming crowd appeal and robust sound has cemented them as the band to watch in 2024 and beyond. 


Southern Rock




ead singer and songwriter Billy McKnight is no stranger to the music industry, having had national success as an independent artist,  he’s collaborated with many talented producers and legends like Henry Paul and Frank Meyers. Today, he’s thrilled to be the frontman of Soul Circus Cowboys and is excited about touring with their new music.

Country Music




here are those who pursue music for superficial reasons. There are others who do it because they simply can’t imagine doing anything else with their life. Ron Zebron falls into the latter category, who doesn’t just “do music”, he lives it.From the age of just 9, Ron w as already climbing the ranks as a professional musician playing in clubs around town. This naturally progressed into him playing lead guitar at a national level alongside Dennis Chambers, The Neville Brothers, Foreigner, and Kansas to name just a few. From his rigorous touring schedule, to his limited free time spent building homemade amps, Ron Zebron’s life has been one surrounded by music. The Baltimore-born lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter cut his teeth playing lead guitar for his hometown’s powerhouse band Never Never and national recording artist, Crack The Sky. Now based out of Tampa, Florida, he is a permanent fixture of Soul Circus Cowboys, playing lead guitar for the Country/Southern Rock band featuring Billy McKnight. He is also an often fully-booked session guitarist whose work can be heard across national radio, film and TV. His credits include commissioned work for Exxon, Ford, McDonalds, Paramount, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, and The Discovery Channel. Additionally, Ron’s playing can be heard on a handful of high-profile artists across the country, including legendary bassist Tony Levin and Jasmine Trias (Universal Records). His extraordinary talents have landed him prestigious awards and accolades. He is a 3-time Winner of the Mid Atlantic ‘Best Rock Guitarist’, and is recognized by the city of Baltimore for his musical contributions to inner city youth.

Southern Rock




ince his early days on Long Island, Dan has always been drawn to the rhythm side of music, and quickly earned the name "The Rock", for his solid playing and being the backbone of the band. Starting off on drums, and soon after switching to Bass, Dan played with various bands throughout Long Island, as well as iconic venues in Manhattan including CBGB's, Limelight, and L'amours in Brooklyn and Queens. In the late 80's and early 90's, Dan lived in Los Angeles. His band Vicious Whispers, became well known and performed at venues including The Whiskey, The Roxy Theater, FM Station and The Troubadour amongst others. It was at this time where Dan was pursuing a recording contract and was performing showcases for record company executives. Between his time in New York and California, Dan spent a lot of time in recording studios laying down tracks for various artists and also recording his own music. After moving to Tampa in 1994, Dan played with various artists and did openers for The Doobie Brothers, Styx, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Firehouse and The Fixx. Other shows include Joe Bonamassa, Alan Parsons, John Waite and Southside Johnny and The Jukes. In 2022, Dan joined Soul Circus Cowboys and has been a driving force ever since.

Country Music




oey Kirkland is a talented and versatile guitar player hailing from Hardee County, Florida. While not born and raised in a musical family, Joey developed a deep passion for music at the early age of 7. He was drawn to the guitar, inspired by the likes of legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley, and Stevie Ray Vaughan and immediately immersed himself in learning the instrument, spending countless hours practicing and honing his skills. As Joey's guitar prowess grew, he found himself drawn to the art of singing. Recognizing that vocal skills would complement his guitar playing and enable him to express his musical ideas more fully, he embarked on a journey of vocal training and self-discovery. Joey's determination to excel in every aspect of his musicality led him to embrace vocal techniques and explore various genres to expand his repertoire.

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